Hands that See

About HANDS that SEE Massage Studio:

Although our reception staff is sighted, all our licensed massage therapists are visually impaired to varying degrees. It is said that when one of our senses is lost or impaired our other senses become heightened and we feel especially advanced and attuned to the healing and relaxing aspects of massage as we’ve learned to master our already sensitive kinaesthetic abilities.

Our session length:

If you book a 90 minute session, it means 90 minutes of hands on therapy. Please adjust your schedule accordingly to allow extra 5 – 10 minutes on each side of your appointment for consultation and preparation.

About the owner, Kim Holdbrook:

Following my loss of vision at the age of 31, a whole new world opened up to me. No longer sighted I had to rely on other senses including touch. In 2007, I began practicing Reiki and became a Reiki Master, which encourages stress reduction, relaxation and energy flow. Two years later, I began a massage course and was certified as a licensed massage therapist by the Canadian Association of Therapists in Complimentary medicine. I’m a member of the A.C.T.M.D to this day. I worked at Spa St-James as a massage therapist for 4 years while following one of my dreams of building my own private clinic. HANDS that SEE massage studio, opened at a new location on March 1, 2014. Massage has become my passion, I was interested in the body, not only energetically but physically as well, and I saw great results of what massage and body work can do. I very much enjoy making people feel better. Since losing my vision, I am guided almost every day; it is my turn to guide others to a path of well-being.

The difference with HANDS that SEE Massage Studio…

Our new concept massage studio offers luxurious serene suites designed in tranquil surroundings which will enhance your overall experience of well being. Our professionally customized therapies are personalized to your wellness, including peaceful acoustics, aromatherapy and lighting levels, which can range from ambient to complete darkness. We offer Swedish based massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point, reiki, and we are continually integrating new techniques. The proven restorative effects of massage will leave you feeling physically, mentally and spiritually rejuvenated. We’re looking forward to welcoming you. To book a Licensed Massage Therapist, please call us at 514-774-6781 or fill out the make an appointment form below.